Cisco 8FE-TX-RJ45-B

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Cisco 8FE-TX-RJ45-B CN3IEGEAAA 800-07801-01 12000 8-port 100baseTX RJ45 connEtcor type version B Cisco 8FE-TX-RJ45-B

The Cisco® 12000 Series 8-port Fast Ethernet Line Card (Figure 1) offers high-density and low-cost intra-point of presence (POP) connectivity between the Cisco 12000 Series and other lower-end switches and routers (such as the Cisco Catalyst® 5000, Catalyst 6000, and Catalyst 7500 routers). Service providers benefit from this high-density Fast Ethernet line card by eliminating or reducing the need to implement and operate an intermediate layer of networking equipment between the Cisco 12000 Series and other switches and routers-and the results are significant cost savings, simplified network management, improved network availability, and increased savings in rack space.