Cisco ESR-8E3/DS3

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Cisco ESR-8E3/DS3 8 port clear channel E3/DS3 Line Card, Box in Rough Condition

The 8-port E3/DS3 ATM line card has eight E3 or DS3 (T3) copper interface terminations that provide Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) serial interfaces and perform Layer 2 ATM functions.

Each E3/DS3 interface port on the 8-port E3/DS3 ATM line card provides a single high-speed data channel.

•Maximum E3 bandwidth—34.386 Mbps

•Maximum DS3 bandwidth—44.736 Mbps

The 8-port E3/DS3 ATM line card can be used to:

•Provide eight E3 or DS3 trunk uplinks that support throughput of up to 44.736 Mbps at each port of the line card

•Provide IP packet routing over ATM virtual circuit connections using copper-based E3 or DS3 connectors at each port

•Operate as a subscriber interface card

The ATM features of the 8-port E3/DS3 ATM line card include:

•Broadband aggregation support for up to 8,000 simultaneously active, independent ATM virtual circuits per E3 or DS3 port, with a total limit of 32,000 VCs per line card

•Uses ATM cell header 8-bit virtual path identifiers (VPIs) and 16-bit virtual channel identifiers (VCIs)

•Provides ATM QoS (quality of service) management