HP E4204A

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HP E4204A HP Broadband series HSSI Line Interface E4204A Manufacturer Code - 4095 Decimal Model Code- 491 Decimal Message-Based Commander A16/A24 D16 Master A16 D16 Slave HPE4204A

The E4204A HSSI Line Interface is a physical line interface implemented in a single-slot VXI module for the modular Broadband Series Test System.

It transmits and receives data at line rates ranging from 1 Mb/s up to 52 Mb/s. The E4204A HSSI Line Interface module performs physical layer testing.

Used in conjunction with an E4209 Cell Protocol Processor module and E4213 DXI Test Software, the E4204A will monitor and simulate the SMDS Data Exchange Interface (DXI) protocol.