HP V743 Controller

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HP V743 HP 75000 Series C Model V743 Controller Compiles with VXlbus System Specification, Rev. 1.4 Manufacturer Code - 4095 Decimal Model Code: 22 Decimal Configured at factory with : 32 Mbyte HP V743

Developed specifically as an embedded HP-UX (UNIX) controller for VXI, the V743 controller provides the high I/O performance of direct VXI backplane support, the space savings of an embedded controller, and the high power and speed of Keysight PA-RISC -- all in an HP-UX environment! The V743 supports all VXI addressing modes (A16, A24, and A32), programmable interrupt handler, single-channel DMA for VXI extended memory devices, and a 1 MB dual-ported memory buffer for high-speed data acquisition. Note: You may use only one embedded controller in a system.