Cisco MGX-MMF-4-155/C

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Cisco BA2I1NJBAAA MGX-MMF-4-155/C 8800 4 OC-3cSTM-1 single height BC MMF SC 800-07408-02 BAZI1NJBAA

Part Number: MGX-MMF-4-155-B
Cisco's T1 and E1 frame service modules (FRSMs), for use with the MGX™ 8220 Edge Concentrator, the MGX 8230 and MGX 8250 Multiservice gateways, and the MGX 8800 wide-area edge switch, offer high-density native T1/E1 frame service interfaces for the new world of data networking. The T1/E1 FRSMs offer eight ports of channelized T1/E1 or fractional/clear T1/E1 frame services on a single, seven-inch function module.