Avocent AlterPath KVM/Net 32

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ATP4132 Avocent-Cyclades AlterPath KVM/net 32, AlterPath-KVMN32, KVMN32 model that comes with 32 KVM ports

Cyclades AlterPath 32-port KVM over IP switch

AlterPath KVM/net 32

The Cyclades AlterPath KVM/net (KVM over IP) family of CAT5-based KVM switches provides IT professionals with an enterprise-class KVM solution for server management of Windows-, Sun-, and Linux/UNIX-based systems with simple cabling, advanced security and expandability.

The Cyclades AlterPath KVM/net ATP4132 (IP KVM) uses CAT5-based cabling, which provides a cleaner cabling setup and access to servers located far away from the KVM switch. CAT5 cabling also allows you to use the existing cabling infrastructure, which makes system setup a snap. Supporting distances of up to 500 ft (153 m) between the KVM switch and the managed servers, the AlterPath KVM/net is sure to reach even the most inaccessible server in the data center.

Security features include server-based authentication support for RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos, NTLM, and Active Directory. In addition, the AlterPath KVM/net supports user access control lists (ACLs) per port and user access logging. IT infrastructure management is now possible with greater control and peace of mind.

Cascading support with centralized port management allows IT managers and administrators to increase the number of managed servers up to 1,024 without losing the initial investment or the advantage of centralized configuration and access.

The AlterPath KVM/net ATP4132 32-port model in 1U form factor with 2 concurrent sessions of any combination of local sessions and remote IP sessions, the AlterPath KVM/net helps streamline remote access to servers throughout the IT infrastructure and includes the essential scalability and security features needed for today's enterprises. Using the AlterPath KVM/net for server management decreases IT operational costs and increases IT efficiency and productivity.

Cyclades AlterPath ATP4132 Applications:

Out-of-band infrastructure server management
KVM switching and control

Cyclades AlterPath ATP4132 Benefits:

Global access (KVM over IP)
Rack space savings (1U form factor)
Integration with existing security infrastructure
Simple and inexpensive CAT5-based cable solution
Enterprise-level scalability with centralized management
Flexibility and stability