Cisco BPX-BXM-622-DX

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Cisco BAA62DPCAA BPX-BXM-622-DX 8600 OC12STM4 DX card 800-03151-02 BAA62DPCAA BPX-BXM-622-DX
As one of the enhanced models of the BXM-622, a new or used BPX-BXM-622-DX interface cards deliver the most advanced ATM switching and traffic management capabilities in the industry. Using custom ASIC technology, a pre-owned or new surplus BPX-BXM-622-DX from Cisco offers complete network control through dynamic resource sharing and support for all ATM service classes and optimizes the network life cycle. Customers looking for efficiency and superior scalability should consider adding a new or refurbished BPX-BXM-622-DX to your network.