Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B

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Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B BAI1EF0BAC, 800-02624-06, 8200 8800 8850 8890 MGX 8200 8 port T1 IMA B Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B BAI1EF0BAC

Dependable and high-speed, this Cisco modem is well-suited to making connections to your Internet service provider 24x7. Power users and hobbyists are attracted by the features and compatibility of this modem. Bringing you speed, performance, and ease of use, this Cisco modem is a great device. The Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B is a superb choice when you need the freedom of a high-speed Internet connection. With the PC device drivers available for the Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B, you can take advantage of all of its functionality from your OS. This Cisco modem includes ISDN compatibility, therefore you can link to your favorite Internet provider with confidence. This modem is very easily installed, allowing you to plug it into your machine and begin using it in a flash. Plus, the Cisco AX-IMATM-8T1/B is extremely fast, sporting a 1.5 Mbps data transmission speed, allowing you to fetch lots of documents, applications, and photos very quickly.