Cisco MGX-RPM-PR-512

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CISCO MGX-RPM-PR-512 BA3AY30CAA 800-07656-04 Route Processor Module PR - 512Meg CISCO MGX-RPM-PR-512 BA3AY30CAA 800-07656-04

The RPM-PR is a next-generation, high performance model of the RPM for the Cisco MGX platforms, using PXM45, PXM1, and PXM1E,processor modules. It is a router module based on an NPE-400 processor, modified to fit into almost any full-height slot on a Cisco MGX 8850, Cisco MGX 8950, Cisco MGX 8250, or Cisco MGX 8880 32-slot chassis and the Cisco MGX 8230 or Cisco MGX 8830 16-slot chassis. The RPM-PR has an upgraded QED RM7000 processor subsystem that provides performance of over 300 kpps (kilo-packets per second) throughput for IP packet forwarding. It is a full-height module that can be placed in almost any of the Cisco MGX slots.