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IP UNITY HARMONY 6000 Media Server CHASSIS w/fan tray
Dual 48V DC Power

The Harmony6000 Platform is the first carrier grade platform specifically designed to deliver next-generation converged voice and data services. Built by a world-class team with solid experience in the telecom industry, the platform has been tested and deployed by carriers and service providers around the world.

At the core of the solution is the Harmony6000 Media Server, a high-density DSP engine that provides high speed, high volume processing for media intensive tasks such as playing announcements, recording, speech recognition, transcoding, automated speech recognition, text-to-speech, interactive voice response, transcoding and billing record creation (CDR, IPDR). The media server is scalable to thousands of ports and can be easily partitioned, allowing processing power to be divided among multiple applications. The media server is SIP/VoiceXML, MGCP and PacketCable compliant. The Harmony6000 Application Server works with the media server to enable service applications such as conference bridge and unified messaging. The application server accepts SIP, H.323, and VoiceXML applications and communicates with the media server through JAIN/Parlay APIs and MGCP.