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Cisco PA-SRP-OC12SMI DPT-OC12 Single mode Fiber Intermediate Reach port adapter


The DPT port adapter is a dual-width OC-12c port adapter that provides a shared IP over SONET capability in a Cisco 7200 series router, Cisco uBR7246 router, Cisco 7200 VXR router, or Cisco 7500 series router with VIP4 or later



The DPT port adapter supports the following functions:

•Accommodates large-scale network topology

•Leverages fiber-optic capacity at OC-12c line rates

•Controls the rate at which new packets are inserted on the media

•Allows data to obtain fair-shared access to the OC-12c rings

•Implements protection mechanisms, including wrap and unwrap in the event of fiber or node failure

•Supports both single-mode and multimode fiber transmissions

•Supports access to the SONET DCC channel