Spirent WN-3441A

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The Spirent SmartBits® WN-3441A SmartCards are network performance analysis tools that perform frame-level testing at up to full wire rate for WAN and broadband access devices, LAN routers, and switches.

WAN T1, Frame Relay/PPP, 4-port, SmartMetrics SmartCard
Supports T1/E1/DS3 interfaces
Channelized to NxDSOs up to full T1/E1/DS3 rates
Supports IGMP V2 protocol
Provides clear channel DS3 support. Maximum rates may vary depending on frame size and the number of channelsconfigured
Provides full line-rate traffic generation and analysis
Supports layer 2 and layer 3 testing
Supports Frame Relay and PPP protocols
Supports RFC 1490 for IP encapsulation over Frame Relay and RFC 1662 for IP encapsulation over PPP
Supports Frame Relay LMI, Annex A, or Annex D link man-agement protocols
Supports up to 1,023 Frame Relay PVCs per card
Supports PAP and CHAP authentication, and Microsoft CHAP
Supports one LMI or PPP session per channel
Supports up to 2,048 IP, UDP, or custom streams per card
Supports up to 64K flows per stream