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Cisco PA-2FEISL-TX, CN1T2EZAAA, 800-03102-03, 73-2618-03 7200 7500 2-Port Token Ring ISL 100BaseT Cisco PA-2FEISL-TX CN1T2EZAAA 800-03102-03

The PA-2FEISL provides two 100-Mbps, 100BASE-T Fast Ethernet/ISL interfaces for the VLAN transport over switch-to-switch backbone connections or switch-to-server data center attachments. These port adapters provide an inter-VLAN bridging and routing functionality that network administrators can use to deploy 100-Mbps Token Ring VLAN transport, 100-Mbps Ethernet VLAN transport, and bridging or routing between the mixed LAN types using the same physical ISL trunk links