GarrettCom 6KQP-48VDC

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GarrettCom Magnum 6KQP-48VDC PoE, same as Model 6KQ-48VDC except the four 10/100 ports are PoE-enabled, data pairs.


Magnum 6KQ Managed Field Switches provide maximum
configurability in their class. The fiber-rich 6KQ can be configured with
up to 12 100Mb fiber ports and two Gigabit ports. For 10/100 copper,
regular or PoE-equipped 10/100 RJ-45 or 10/100/1000 copper ports may
be configured to a maximum of 12 at 10/100 and 2 Gig ports.
Magnum 6KQ comes with the best-of-breed MNS-6K managed
networks software featuring GUI ease of use, Secure Web Management,
SNMPv2,v3 management, 802.1p QoS Prioritization, Tag-based VLANs,
IGMP Snooping and IGMP-L2 multicast management, port security, and
a choice of software redundancy options including RSTP-2004 with
industry-leading fault recovery times in rings and meshes, and
GarrettCom’s S-Ring product which supports unmanaged switches as part
of resilient rings. MNS-6K-SECURE adds more security features such as
SSH, RADIUS and TACACS+ support, SFTP, DHCP Server, Syslog events,
and SNTP Server. Over 10 years of field use in industrial networking
applications assures maturity and stability. See the MNS-6K and MNS-6KSECURE
datasheets for more information.
Magnum 6KQs are ideal for building a switched, hardened Ethernet
network infrastructure, connecting edge devices such as PLCs and IEDs
with upstream switches or routers. It is designed for use in industrial
applications such as factory floors and control cabinets, industrial video
surveillance systems with PoE, power utility substations, tariffed carrier
field facilities, or transportation and oil and gas.
Advanced patent pending thermal design techniques use the 6KQ’s
metal case as a heat sink. The unique ribbed-surface aluminum case offers
maximum heat dissipation without fans to keep internal components cool
and reliable. This sealed-case design enables the unit to operate in the
harshest industrial grade environments and achieves high EMI noise