Cisco SCE8000-16XGE-E

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Cisco SCE8000-16XGE-E, ANM2L00ARB Cisco SCE8000 w/ 1x SCE8000-FAN, 1x SCE8000-SCM-E, 1x SCE8000-SIP, 2x SPA-8x1GE-V2, and
2x PWR-2700-AC/4.

The Service Control Engine (SCE) platform, which is the hardware component of the Cisco Service Control solution, is designed to support observation, analysis, and control of Internet IP traffic.

The Cisco SCE8000 GBE is a transparent element with up to eight GBE links service throughput. It can be installed inline in the network where the entire traffic passes through it or in receive-only mode where it receives replication of the traffic through SPAN ports or optical splitters

The Cisco SCE8000 GBE supports the following network insertion models:

•single appliance (inline)

•single appliance (receive-only)

•cascade configuration

The Cisco SCE8000 GBE platform is a 4-slot chassis hosting the following modules:

•One or two Service Control Modules (SCE8000-SCM-E) that each contain special purpose fast path chipset, traffic processors, and control processor.

•One SPA Interface Processor card (SCE8000-SIP) that holds up to four SPA interface modules.

•One optional optical bypass module hosting panel that holds a maximum of four optical bypass modules.

In addition, the Cisco SCE8000 GBE chassis contains two power supply modules in a 1+1 configuration, as well as a fan tray module.

Service Control Module (SCE8000-SCM-E)
The Cisco SCE8000 GBE contains one or two SCE8000-SCMs located in slots 1 and 2 (the top two slots). If only one SCE8000-SCM module is installed, it must be installed in slot 1.

The SCE8000-SCM in slot 1 performs the following functions:

•Service engine (Deep Packet Inspection [DPI]) and traffic processing

•Management interfaces and functionality

•Chassis control and management

The SCE8000-SCM in slot 2 serves only DPI and traffic processing purposes, doubling the performance and capacity of the SCE8000. Although the two modules are identical (with the same ports and LEDs), this second SCM module does not run chassis management or control software.

The SCE8000-SIP
The SCE8000-SIP is installed in slot 3 of the Cisco SCE8000 GBE chassis. It hosts up to four single-width, single-height SPA modules

•2700 W AC input (PWR-2700-AC/4): uses an external power cord directly connected to the AC power supply