Infinera SIM-A-8-2.5GMT

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Infinera SIM-A-8-2.5GMT, WOTRB36LAA, 300-0283-002, 800-0305-001, Card for an Infinera ATC-A Chassis (Fits into slots 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8)
The SIM-A-8-2.5GMT module provides efficient multiservice aggregation to 10 Gb/s wavelengths and supports eight SFP client ports. Highly flexible and efficient, the SIM-A-8-2.5GMT supports TDM aggregation of GbE, 1/2/4G Fibre Channel and OC3/12/48 or STM1/4/16 SONET/SDH services to a 10 Gb/s wavelength. OTN aggregation and framing is compatible with Infinera DTN nodes, enabling mixed ATN/DTN networks to support sub-wavelength grooming and multi-point service termination flexibility. This unique feature improves network efficiency by eliminating the stranded bandwidth problem common to other DWDM implementations.