Juniper J2350-JH

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Networking infrastructure that helps enterprises implement key initiatives that:
• Integrates routing, firewalling and VPN into one best in class secure router. By
securing an enterprise’s mission critical information and protecting the network from
vulnerabilities and attack, the Juniper Networks J Series Services Router offers a
combination of features that increases productivity and reduces costs. With Junos OS release 9.6, the J Series enhances these features with Unified Threat Management, consisting of antivirus, antispam, Web filtering and intrusion prevention system. Theseadvanced security features can eliminate a standalone appliance and be applied with a software key.
• Minimizes the cost of installing and operating a network by deploying J Series. With the modular, protected mode design of Junos OS and the rigorous Junos OS development and testing process, there are fewer system process failures. The single code source of Junos OS makes the qualification of new releases across the network much simpler. In addition, superior configuration management reduces human errors that could lead to network downtime