Cisco RFGW-X4516-10GE

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Cisco RFGW-X4516-10GE, IPUCAOZBAA, 800-31274-04 RFGW supervisor V-10GE, 2x10GE (X2) and 4x1GE (SFP)

The Cisco ® RF Gateway 10 Supervisor Engine V-10GE, Figure 1, for the Cisco RF Gateway 10 universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation modulator (U-EQAM) redefines the way aggregation and traffic management features are managed at the edge of the cable network. Specially optimized for the Cisco RF Gateway 10, the Supervisor Engine V-10GE can be deployed in a redundant configuration with automatic failover. It runs the comprehensive feature set available in Cisco IOS ® Software Release 12.2 S, with an array of management, Ethernet aggregation, and packet filtering functions -- now all embedded in the carrier-class Cisco RF Gateway 10 platform.