MRV LX-4008T-001AC

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MRV LX-4008T-001AC, 530-R0068 Console Server with 8 RJ45 ports, single AC power.


LX Series 4000T Console Servers
A Complete Out-of-Band Networking Solution. The 4000T Series of console servers gives ITadministrators the ability to perform secure remotemanagement of operational and physical infrastructures.

With models ranging from 8 to 48 ports, the LX-4000T Series canmeet a wide range of needs. The 4000T Series uses the provenLX Series software, for an easy transition from other LX Seriesmodels. Dual Ethernet ports support automatic failover tosecondary paths. The 4000T Series offers single and dual poweroptions in all port densities. An optional internal modem providesflexibility and dial up connectivity. The optional Digital VoltMeter provides visibility to power levels for DC power sources.

The 4000T Series can be used with MRV’s 5260 Power ControlSeries to provide administrators with the ability to manage,control, and monitor individual power outlets for criticalequipment. Using secure access through the 4000T series, networkmanagers can remotely power cycle a locked up server, bring aredundant system online or turn on an auxiliary air conditioner.

Physical infrastructure control and monitoring can beenabled on each 4000T Series serial port, supporting twosensor inputs or two control outputs. Sophisticated Trigger/Action control can be used for customizing that meetsspecific organizational notification and control needs.

Applications •
Enterprise data centers•
Remote/Branch offices•
Telco central office and remote facilities•
Test and development labs Benefits •

-Cutting Costs- Nearly eliminates the need for personnel tobe physically present at remote equipment site•

-Increasing Security- Protect service ports fromunauthorized, undetected access•

-Lowering Risk- Capture logs as a record of system activityto meet regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA•

-Improving Service Levels- Easy and efficient remote accessutilizes scarce technical resources more effectively, andreduces the need for redundant equipment by minimizingdowntime•

-Simplifying Operations- Verify access using existingsecurity infrastructure•

-Simplified Event Notification and Response - Automaticresponse to an emergency increases safety and helps avoidpotentially hazardous condition