Packeteer PS9500-L045M-1000-XP

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Packeteer PS9500-L045M-1000-XP PacketShaper 9500, 45 Mb Shaping, 1000 Classes, Compression, dual AC power supplys.
Product Overview:
PacketShaper's traffic shaping technology allows you to fix WAN and Internet performance problems. Shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance by actively preventing network congestion. PacketShaper allows you to ensure true QoS for mission-critical applications- from voice and video to CRM and ERP. PacketShaper's application-intelligent Layer 7 classification engine automatically identifies hundreds of application by their unique signatures, pinpointing applications such as SAP, Citrix, Oracle, TN3270, and KaZaA. These include applications that negotiate dynamic port assignments and shifty peer-to-peer applications, which can masquerade as unsuspicious traffic and elude detection from other monitoring devices. Sub-classify critical network traffic types to create thousands of Layer-7 custom signatures.