Cisco 15454-32-DMX

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15454-32-DMX Demultiplexer 32-Channel ONS 100GHz 32 CH DMUX 100 GHZ

32-Channel Demultiplexer 100 GHz (for use with 32-WSS), C-band, MPO connectors for drop path, LC connectors for interconnection

The 32-Channel Demultiplexer L-Band card (32DMX-L) is a single-slot optical demultiplexer. The card receives an aggregate optical signal on its COM RX port and demultiplexes it into 32 100-GHz-spaced channels. The 32DMX-L card is well suited for use in networks that employ DS fiber or SMF-28 single-mode fiber. The 32DMX-L card can be installed in Slots 1 to 6 and Slots 12 to 17.