Cisco 15454-OPT-BST

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Cisco 15454-OPT-BST Optical booster amplifier, C-band, 64-channel, 50-GHz compatible, LC connector


Optical Booster Amplifier Module

This product amplifies the outgoing composite DWDM signal to overcome the attenuation of the fiber network. It integrates an optical service channel splitter or combiner to allow the optical supervisory channel (OSC) to be sent to and received from the optical service channel module (OSCM) card. Deployment locations include any site that requires additional signal level.

The Cisco ONS 15454 optical amplifiers take advantage of the latest in amplifier technology, variable optical attenuators, photo diodes, and extensive software to facilitate a high degree of automation for simplified operations. They feature low-noise-gain blocks for C-band optical-amplification requirements. For flexibility of application support, the amplifiers support two modes of operation, constant gain and constant power. They also provide fast-transient suppression to respond quickly to network changes without adding impairments and degradation. Each card integrates software-controllable variable optical attenuators (VOAs) along with extensive optical monitoring with photo diodes, to provide nodal- and network-based automatic power-level management. Extensive optical safety algorithms provide user safety when operating the network.
The optical amplifier cards incorporate faceplate-mounted LEDs to provide a quick visual check of the operational status at the card. Printed on each of the faceplates is an icon, an orange circle, which corresponds to shelf-slot icons located on the shelf assembly, indicating the shelf slot where the cards can be inserted. The cards are supported by the integrated Cisco Transport Controller craft manager, which provides the user access for operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P) for the system.
Selection and deployment of the optical amplifiers depend on the requirements of the network. The Cisco TransportPlanner optical design tool is available to assist in the engineering, bill-of-material development, and deployment of the DWDM network. Figures 2 through 4 show sample signal-flow diagrams for a selection of Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP node types, outlining the use for each amplifier type.