Cisco 15454-CC-FTA

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Cisco 15454-CC-FTA, WMUCATLFAB, 800-27558-02 Fan Tray Alarm Assembly WMUCATLFAA 800-27558-01

The 15454-SA-ANSI or 15454-SA-HD shelf assembly and 15454-CC-FTA or 15454E-CC-FTA fan-tray assembly are required with any ONS 15454 that has XC-10G, XC-VXC-10G, OC-192, or OC-48 any slot (AS) cards.

15454-CC-FTA (ANSI) is compatible with Software R2.2.2 and greater, and shelf assemblies 15454-SA-ANSI and 15454-SA-HD. 15454E-CC-FTA (ETSI) is compatible with Software R4.0 and greater, and shelf assembly 15454-SA-ETSI.