Cisco AX-AUSM-8T1/B

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CISCO AX-AUSM-8T1/B AXIS ATM Unit Service Module 8-Port 73-3841-02 800-04809-01 CISCO AX-AUSM-8T1/B BAA2VW0AAA

The Cisco 8-port T1 ATM UNI Service Module is designed for use with the MGX 8220 Edge Concentrator, the MGX 8230 and MGX 8250 multiservice gateways and the MGX 8800 series wide-area edge switches. It offers eight T1s for flexible configuration of T1 and IMA UNIs providing up to 16 Mbps of bandwidth for ATM service interfaces for the new world of data networking. This card provides eight T1 interfaces, with full support for flexible configuration of T1 UNIs and ATM Forum-Compliant Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA) n x T1.