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Rad OP-25/R/SFP-2, 5120490000 Optimux 25 - multiplexer with redundant AC power.
Optimux 25 Redundant AC Power, 1310 nm, single mode,laser diode, LC connector
16 T1, Ethernet or Data Fiber Multiplexer

Optimux-25 provides a simple, flexible, and cost-effective solution for transporting multiple T1 links, high-speed data or Ethernet over a fiber link to distances of up to 110 km (68 miles). The fiber optic link is available with single-mode, multimode, and single-mode over single fiber interfaces.
The unit provides up to 16 T1 links, some of which can be replaced by high-speed data and/or 10/100BaseT user Ethernet traffic, selectable by the user
Optimux-25 transmits each T1 channel
separately so that the clock of each T1
channel is independent.
The unit is supplied with a 10/100BaseT
Ethernet user port interface that can be
activated at any time via a software key
purchased from RAD.
Various fiber optic interfaces (based on
SFP transceivers) are available for both
the active and the backup fiber links:
• 1310 nm short or long-haul laser and
1550 nm long-haul laser interfaces for
extended range over single-mode fiber
• Single fiber interface using WDM technology, where the laser transmit signal is at a different wavelength from the receive signal (1310 nm and 1550 nm)
• Single fiber single wavelength interface using SC/APC connector, with a 1310 nm laser diode for single wavelength operation.
It is strongly recommended to order this device with original RAD SFPs installed.
This will ensure that prior to shipping, RAD has performed comprehensive functional quality tests on the entire assembled unit, including the SFP devices. RAD cannot guarantee full compliance to product specifications for units using non-RAD SFPs.
The unit can be supplied with one V.35 (1.544 MB/sec) channel that replaces channel 16 by user activation.
An optional alarm port is available with dry relay contacts for major and minor alarms.
To ease system diagnostics, Optimux-25 features LED status indicators, AIS alarm generation, recognition, and dry contact closure upon link failure.