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RAD IPMUX-14/4T1/UTP/UTP, 3760030000 IPmux-14 from RAD is a TDMoIP gateway optimized for small and medium-sized enterprise sites. The IPmux-14 offers Ethernet-based access, as well as extension of TDM-based legacy services over packet switched networks.
TDM pseudowire access gateway with for 4 balanced T1 interfaces and 10/100BaseT interface, RJ-45 connector

TDM pseudowire CPE/CLE,
offering TDM circuit
emulation over a
packet-switched network
(PSN) and controlled
Ethernet access
• Built on TDMoIP technology,
implementing the emerging
IETF, MFA Forum, ITU-T and
MEF standards for Pseudowire
Emulation Edge-to-Edge
• E1/T1 or HDLC emulation
over MPLS, IP and Ethernet
• Support for both framed (full
or fractional) and unframed
• Serial traffic emulation over
packet networks
• ASIC-based architecture
minimizes processing delay
• Multiple pseudowire
connections without any
performance degradation
• Configurable jitter buffer
compensates for network
packet delay variation