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IPmux-11/T1/UTP/UTP 3520030000 TDMoIP gateway T1 Port and 10/100BaseT interface, RJ-45 connector

IPmux-11/T1/UTP/UTP TDMoIP Gateway T1 Interface 10/100BaseT interface

• TDMoIP CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) for the small and medium-sized enterprise sites, offering TDM leased line extension over a packet switched network and controlled Ethernet access
• TDMoIP technology,implementing the emerging ETF, MPLS/FR Alliance, ITU-T and MEF standards for
Pseudo-Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3): ? E1/T1 communication over IP and Ethernet networks
Support for both framed (full or fractional) and unframed E1/T1
Minimal processing delay
Configurable jitter buffer to compensate for network packet delay variation
Dedicated external clock port
QoS support by labeling
IP level priority Type of Service (ToS) and VLAN tagging/priority labeling according to IEEE 802.1p&Q

• Three Ethernet ports, two for user side and one for network access

• The user Ethernet ports offer:
Transparent Ethernet bridging
User data bandwidth and access control through rate limiting and VLAN filtering
VLAN classification through double VLAN tagging (stacking)

• Management via ASCII terminal, Telnet host, Web terminal or SNMP-based network management station

• Provisioning and monitoring of TDMoIP services using the RADview Service Center for TDMoIP applications

• Compact, 1U high enclosure

• IPmux-11 is a TDMoIP gateway optimized for small and medium-sized enterprise sites. It offers Ethernet-based access, as well as extension of TDM-based legacy services over packet switched networks.

• IPmux-11’s internal Layer-2 Ethernet switch supports three Ethernet ports. One port serves as a network interface and the other two serve for user Ethernet traffic.
• Each Ethernet port supports:

Configurable port-based rate limiting for bandwidth control
Configurable port-based VLAN membership for ingress traffic restriction
Configurable port-based VLAN tagging; a VLAN tag is added resulting in a double tagging (VLAN stacking) when an already tagged frame is switched.

• The device supports standard IP features, such as ICMP (ping), ARP, next hop and default gateway.