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RAD FCD-E1/AC/V35, 1720040000 Fractional E1 Access Unit FCD-E1 is an access unit for E1 (2.048 Mbps) and fractional E1 services that
supports advanced management capabilities, including SNMP.
FCD-E1 is a standalone compact unit, intended for installation on desktops or
shelves. Unit height is 1U (1.75-inch). Optional rack-mount adapter kits enable
the installation of one or two FCD-E1 units in a 19-inch rack.
The wide range of user ports supported by FCD-E1 enables it to serve as an
access unit and integrating multiplexer for E1 and fractional E1 services.
FCD-E1 can also be operated in an unframed mode. In this mode, FCD-E1 accepts
a 2048 kbps data stream through a synchronous data port and converts it to an
ITU-T Rec. G.703 unframed signal for transport over the E1 main link. Thus,
FCD-E1 can also serve as an interface converter and high-speed, short-distance

V.35 with AC Power