GarretCom MAGNUM 3024

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GARRETT Magnum 3024 Stackable HUB Base Chassis with 24 RJ-45 ports, shielded connectors
GARRETT Magnum 3000 3024

Product Description - Magnum 3000 Stackable Hubs
Magnum 3000 Stackable Hubs are suitable for small- to medium-size enterprises needing an Ethernet local area network, either managed or unmanaged. They will operate, individually or combined in a stack, as self-sufficient devices to provide 10BASE-T Ethernet connectivity for all local users and devices. Small independent networks built using Magnum 3000 Stackable Hubs are easily expanded by adding units in a modular (stacking) manner, interconnected via the Inter-Repeater Bus.
Magnum 3000 Stackable Hubs are available in two building-block models: the 3024, with 24 ports for low cost per port and high port density, and the 3012, with 12 ports for low entry-level or add-on cost. Both units have an internal power supply, a metal enclosure for stand-alone or rack mounting, and convenient front access status indicator LEDs and RJ-45 port connectors.