Radware APPDIRECTOR 20016 XL

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Radware AppDirector 20016 XL/ODS3XL/DUAL/16GB/HDD/SSL/ROHS
MPN: 19238043

AppDirector 20016 - OnDemand Switch 3 XL - 4*10GE - 8*GE Copper -
4*GE SFP - 8GB Master - 8GB Accelerator - Max 20 Gbps throughput -
10,000 SSL CPS - Caching - 1 Gbps Compression - Dual Power Supply -
RoHS. Note that this product ships with SFP slots. Actual SFPs must be
purchased separately. See Upgrades, Additions, and Accessories.

Suitable for very large enterprise and carrier data centers that require high-end throughput levels.
Provides up to 20 Gbps throughput
Provides SSL acceleration, compression, and caching.

Radware AppDirector 20016 OnDemand Switch™ is a next-generation application delivery platform providing the best performance in the industry and an industry first, unique model of scalable throughput up to 20Gbps with no downtime. OnDemand Switch provides breakthrough performance at all throughput levels to meet the most sophisticated business-smart networking requirements. OnDemand Switch enables customers to eliminate costly upgrades and reinstallation of upgraded hardware.