Radware DP3020

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1904685 Radware DP3020 AS4+SME 8GBIC +12*10/100/1000 512MB. 8 SFP port, 12port DefensePro unit.


The Radware DefensePro 3020 is an intrusion prevention and denial of service protection solution that protects against network, operating system, and application level attacks from worms, viruses, hackers, SYN floods and other DoS attacks. Both known and unknown zero-day attacks can be blocked by DefensePro 3020’s adaptive self-learning behavior-based capabilities.
The DefensePro 3020 provides multi-layer security by integrating content signature-based, behavior-based and rate-based protection into a single multi-layer-security solution, and features inline security switching and stateful packet inspection to bi-directionally scan and protect all network traffic.
The DefensePro 3020 provides a similar type of network protection as the Trend Micro Network VirusWall devices. According to Radware vice president of product management, Sharon Trachtman, one thing that separates the DefensePro 3020 from its competitors is “the product’s high port density (20 Gigabit Ethernet ports), protecting 10 different [network] segments.”

Products such as Radware’s DefensePro 3020 and the Trend Micro VirusWall appliances monitor network activity and detect and block malicious traffic such as viruses, worms, and DoS attacks. If a machine does become infected, the appliances isolate the infected device to ensure that the attack is unable to spread through the network.