ShoreTel SG-30

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Shoretel SG-30, ShoreGear 30, 600-1071-20 AC power, (currupted image)
The SG-30 Voice Switch connects enterprise telephone extensions through an internal IP network, or to any central of? ce (CO) analog trunk line. The switch provides connectivity through: Two RJ-45 local area network (LAN) connectors One RJ-21X port (male) for connecting the switch to a telephone company punch-down block, patch panel, or 12-port harmonica connector One DB-9, RS-232C maintenance port (19200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no handshake) for serial communications One audio input port (3.5 mm stereo) for connecting to a music-on-hold source One audio output port (3.5 mm stereo) for connecting to a corporate paging system or night bell