Overture Network HN4000E

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Overture HN4000E Carrier Ethernet over Copper Aggregation.

Overtures 4000e is a self contained service delivery engine. The 4000e is a pupose-built Ethernet switching and VLAN labeling platform for delivering from 1 to over 100 Mbps of symmetrical Ethernet services over a single-bonded-copper-infrastructure. It effectively extends a carriers' service reach beyond their existing optical switching footprint - increasing the revenue potential while reducing OPEX.

Up to five 4000e Switches (supporting 200 copper pairs) can be redundantly connected using a dedicated ring-based stacking interface. Each 4000e can be hot-inserted into a stack, with no effect on existing deployed services. The Virtual node is managed as a single entity; any copper pair can be bonded to any other pair across the stack. The ability to stack switches greatly lowers the initial cost of entry and enables the solution to scale to meet your growing needs.