Foundry J-F24E-POE

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Foundry J-F24E-POE JetCore Fastiron 24 port 10/100 POE module

Power over Ethernet on JetCore Chassis devices is compliant with the IEEE 802.3af specification. Support for Power over Ethernet consists of the JetCore J-B24E-POE and J-F24E-POE modules, which can supply power and data to POE-enabled devices, and the RPS-POE Shelf, which is a separately installed power shelf used for supplying power to the J-B24E-POE and J-F24E-POE modules.

The 802.3af specification provides the standard for delivering power over existing network cabling infrastructure, enabling multicast-enabled full streaming audio and video applications for converged services, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), WLAN access points, IP surveillance cameras, and other IP powered devices. POE technology eliminates the need for an electrical outlet and dedicated UPS near IP-powered devices. When the POE modules are installed in a Chassis device, power can be consolidated and centralized in the wiring closets, improving the reliability and resiliency of the network