Visual Network 807-0115

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Visual Network 4xT1/E1 inline probe model 807-0115 ASE
This is a Visual Networks 807-0115 Analysis Service Element 4xT1/E1 Visual UpTime Select ASE.

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Some info from the Visual Networks/Fluke Website:

Key features:
Four management ports
Inband management capability
LinkSafe technology
Power loss detection
Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics
Application analysis capability
LMI spoo? ng
LAN management port
Realtime events

The Visual UpTimeÆ Selectô 4xT1/E1 inline probe
ASE enhances the data analysis functionality of the
Visual UpTime Select system for enterprises with
two-to-four T1 or E1 circuits terminating at a single
location. The ASE provides up to 6.176 Mbps
(T-standard) or 8.192 Mbps (E-standard) of detailed
network traf? c analysis and management, while
maintaining full wire speed pass-through of all
traf?c. In its initial release, the ASE supports IP
Transport software over MultiLink Point-to-Point
Protocol (MLPPP) T1 links.

The 4xT1/E1 ASE includes LinkSafeô technology
to protect circuit integrity in case of a power outage
and it also delivers a noti? cation alarm if there is a
power failure.
Designed for locations with multiple circuits
terminating at a single device, the 4xT1/E1 is typi-
cally deployed as an inline probe between the service
providerís edge device and the customerís termination