Overture Network 6070-900

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Adva/Overture Networks 6070-900, ISG 6000 2-slot Carrier Ethernet chassis with redundant DC power.

Comes with 2x 6008-204 DC power modules, and 1x 6005-900 fan module.

ISG 6000 multiservice Carrier Ethernet edge aggregation platform

The ISG 6000 allows service providers to reach more customer locations using any combination of wholesale Carrier Ethernet or legacy TDM-based access technologies while bypassing complex and expensive edge routers. Already successfully integrated into a number of North American service provider networks, the ISG 6000 is being installed in central offices to replace TDM interfaces on edge routers and remotely deployed in co-location facilities to reduce backhaul expenses and enable inexpensive expansion into new markets.

The features of the MaestrOS 10.1 represent significant enhancements to the ISG 6000 solution, and provide innovative capabilities which can boost service provider revenue and uniquely streamline operational costs, including:
New and extended applications support – New features include aggregation of E-LAN and E-Line services over wholesale Ethernet access facilities. Additional WAN protocol encapsulations were also added to the IP forwarding application so service providers can replace their aging WAN aggregation switches and IP routers currently being used to terminate IP services over T1/E1 and DS3 WAN connections and reduce CAPEX by 60-70%.

-Triple Tag (QinQinQ) classification – This feature solves the retail service provider challenge of ensuring proper CoS treatment of end-customer traffic, even when utilizing wholesale Ethernet for the last mile access.

-Quality-of-Service (QoS) enhancements – Support for best-in-class queueing, shaping and congestion avoidance capabilities allow service providers to deliver more competitive, differentiated services and confidently replace or augment their edge routers with the ISG 6000 without making any changes to their current premium QoS model.

-Operational enhancements – This release adds remote loopback control and test head functionality that allows service providers to deploy the ISG 6000 in remote locations where there is no access to test equipment.

“As Carrier Ethernet services and transport become more pervasive, service providers are looking for ways to make their offerings stand out while reducing capital and operational expenses by using router bypass techniques in access and access/aggregation,” said Michael Howard, principal analyst and co-founder for Infonetics Research. “At the same time, operators are looking for flexible class-of-service capabilities, the ability to quickly turn up services, and a broad service coverage footprint including off-net connections—all on a non-router Ethernet platform. Overture’s enhancements address all of these needs, and their service provider customers are already appreciatively using them.”

“The new features and applications enabled by MaestrOS 10.1 further establish the ISG 6000 as the optimal aggregation solution that allows service providers to immediately go to market with differentiated, next-generation services, and save valuable time and money,” said Dave Stehlin, president at Overture Networks. “Because of the power and flexibility MaestrOS 10.1 now affords, going forward it will be the foundation of future generations of Overture’s offerings.”