Fortinet FG-5140-DC

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Fortinet FG-5140-DC 14-slot chassis with fan, 1 shelf manager card, no AC power supply included (DC powered)

FortiGate-5000 series chassis-based security platforms offer the ultimate in performance, flexibility, reliability, and scalability for service providers, large enterprises and telecommunications providers. With multiple slots, the FortiGate-5000 series is designed to be the cornerstone of high-performance security infrastructures. The FortiGate-5000 series is ideal for high-speed multi-threat security gateways, managed security services, and complex security zoning applications. Support for high-density Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10-GbE interfaces provides tremendous flexibility and throughput scalability, while integration with Fortinet's centralized management and centralized reporting solutions provides comprehensive control of large-scale deployments.

FortiGate-5000 Series Benefits
-Maximum expandability and configuration flexibility from the chassis-blade design.
-AdvancedTCA architecture delivers carrier-grade performance, reliability, availability, and serviceability.
-Supports ultra-high throughput with hardware-accelerated GbE and native 10-GbE Ethernet ports.
-Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans minimize single-point failures.
-Active/active and active/passive high availability modes for uninterrupted service.
-Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer integration simplifies security management, reporting, and analysis while reducing operating expenses.
-FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, and up-to-date protection against security threats and exploits.
-Segment networks by customer, business unit, or any other logical division for more control using virtual domains (VDOMs); ideal for virtualized infrastructure.
-Complement or upgrade existing security infrastructure by enabling only the services needed in integrated, all-in-one security blades.
-Design the exact mix of multi-threat security, load-balancing, and high-speed networking required to support organizational security requirements.