ThinkLogical SCS320R

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Thinklogical SCS320R, SCS-00325R 32-Port 1U Redundant Power, Secure Console Server


Designed For Mission-Critical Applications!
In the demanding world of Systems Administration the challenge has been to integrate full-featured, reliable console management solutions. The SCS320R Secure Console Server from Thinklogical answers this challenge with solid reliability features such as dual hot-swappable power supplies and redundant access through dual console and network ports. The SCS320R can provide access and management of any combination of serial devices; servers, routers, workstations, LAN/WAN devices, and more.
Securely Manage Your Network Resources
The SCS320R is a high performance console port management solution incorporating OpenSSH for secure authentication and encryption, and support for DHCP networks. The administrator assigns each user's access rights. Users can then connect to only the devices they are authorized to access.
Each SCS-R chassis has rear-panel connections for 32 serial ports, two Console ports, two Network ports, and two hot-swappable Universal AC Power Modules,each with its own Power switch and protective fuse. Each Power Module is secured with a single screw into the back panel.
All physical connections to the product are made to the rear panel using industry standard cabling and connectors (purchased separately). All serial connections and network connections use conventional Category 5 cabling having RJ45 jacks. AC Power is connected using an IEC cordset, one of which is provided with each SCS system.
Other SCS models are similar, offering a different number of Port connectors. The SCS-R models also have dual NIC, dual Console Ports and dual Power inputs. The rack-mount brackets, shown on each side, may be removed if desired.
All network components attached to both the Ports and the Console port must be compatible with the EIA-232 standard. Regular fully-pinned Category 5 cabling with RJ45 connectors are used for the Port connections and for the Console Port.
System ports (numbered 1 through 48) are default-configured as DCE data ports, and support a range of baud rates from 300 Baud to 115.2K Baud. All Port parameters, including DTE or DCE type and other data parameters are configurable on a per-port basis. Each port may also be assigned a unique name: default port names are port1 through port48 , respectively.
The Logical Solutions SCS systems are “break-safe”, meaning that they will not send a ‘break’ command or other data on the serial ports connected to your servers, unless initiated by a user. A ‘break’ signal might cause problems with your servers.