PlexXi PX-S3EQ-F

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HPE PlexXi PX-S3EQ-F 32-Port XFP Switch R0872-F0007-01

PlexxiSwitch 3eq isan Entry SeriesPlexxi switch thatsupports scale-out applications with high performance East-West traffic needs.It does not containPlexxi LightRail interfaces. Instead, it uses 10Gbit or 25Gbit parallel optics through the six QSFP28 interfaces to create a LightRail interface.Each of the 32 QSFP28 interfaces supports 4x25GbE. Each port supports 1x10GbE, 4x10GbE, 1x40GbE, 4x25GbE, 2x50GbE or 1x100GbE.You can configure one or two LightRail interfaces using six or twelve QSFP28 ports, starting from the right-most ports. This makes the total LightRail bandwidth identical to the LightRail interfaces on other Plexxi Switcheshaving one or two actual LightRail interfaces.