Televes 563701

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TWIN modules (two independent tuners per module) allowing up to 14 transcoded transponders/channels per chassis.
User friendly interface allowing simple selection of which satellite transponder is output on which QAM channel including a decoded view of the satellite tables, output channel mode, and DISH NetworkTM installation mode.
Two completely independent and fully agile outputs from 57 to 999 MHz (EIA Ch. 2-158) for easier organization of wider-than-6MHz QAM carriers.
Input switching matrix allows for either of the two inputs to be routed to either demodulator including either one of the two inputs routed to both of the demodulators simultaneously.
Up to 1024QAM output capability.
Remotely upgradeable firmware allows for future updates without having to visit the headend.
Carrier wave and null packets output mode for easy system balancing without an input signal or without a digital meter.
Extensive monitoring information for easy troubleshooting (current and lowest input
SNR, current and highest temperature reached, number of lock loss conditions over a period of time, etc.) with LED indicators on the front of the unit.
Back-lit LCD display handheld programmer or TSuite PC application options for both on-site
and remote configuration and troubleshooting.
Copy configurations from one module to another with the handheld programmer for fast
and easy module swaps (copy/paste).
Web page configuration and remote management using the CDC system, including
“DISH mode” for easy set-up.
Input/Output daisy-chain architecture to avoid external splitters/ combiners.
High performance, MER>40dB over the full frequency range of 57-999MHz.
High output level, greater than 38 dBmV with over 20dB of attenuation margin for easy
balance and integration.