McCauley Sound IDS-212L

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McCauley Installation Class Dual 12" Subwoofer

The iDS-212 is a high efficiency, high power handling sub-bass loudspeaker designed specifically for permanent installations. The iDS-212 features two, individual chambered, McCauley 8131 12” cone drivers, in a space saving low-profile cabinet ideal for tight under balcony installations. The 8131 is built around McCauley Sound’s latest long excursion ferrite motor which delivers high performance at a significant cost savings. The new motor design has a thinner, 0.3” top plate and longer 1.3” by 4” diameter aluminum coil which improves the linearity of the Bl vs. displacement profile. To remove heat quickly and improve the power handling, the 8131 has an aluminum heat sink integrated into the pole vent structure. The aluminum heat sink also functions as a shorting ring to reduce distortion due to eddy currents which flow in the pole piece. The iDS-212 enclosure was designed with installation in mind. Its ultra-low 13.5” profile allows it to fit where other subwoofers cannot. It features 24 integrated fly points and optional array frames that allow for mounting to ceilings and the creation of traditional and cardioid flown arrays. Despite its small size, the iDS-212 features a low velocity port design to reduce turbulence and an optimized over-damped tuning for punchy bass at high power levels.

• High Efficiency and High Power Handling
• Heavy Duty Tour-Grade Construction
• Low Profile Compact Design
• Long Excursion Ferrite Motor
• Weather