Cisco UBR10-PRE5-30G

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Cisco UBR10-PRE5-30G, Performance Routing Engine 5 For UBR10K Platform with 30GB License, Base HW .


Features of the Cisco PRE5 module include:


4 GB system memory for routing tables

256 MB of bootflash memory and 32 MB of read-only memory monitor (ROMMON) flash memory

Up to 4 GB of eUSB flash memory

Product Overview
The Cisco® uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router has been widely deployed in cable networks to address emerging service needs. It can be easily scaled to support capacity growth by adding new route processors and higher density line cards.

The Cisco uBR10012 Performance Routing Engine 5 (UBR10-PRE5) is the next-generation high-performance route processor for the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router. With the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5, the Cisco uBR10012 provides cable operators with an easy, flexible upgrade path toward a Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) and an all-IP infrastructure, while reducing the effect on operations, capital expenditure (CapEx) and rack space requirements.

The Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 is designed to deliver higher performance and better scalability and is optimized for video on a Cisco uBR10012 chassis. It also integrates the backhaul capability, which frees up two WAN shared port adapter (SPA) slots that can be used to provide additional downstream capacity.

Outstanding Performance and Scale to Meet Main CCAP Objectives
A Cisco uBR10012 equipped with a Cisco PRE4 can support eight Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V Broadband Processing Engines with backhaul oversubscription. Given the need for an all-IP network that can accommodate the massive growth of IP video and personalized and interactive services, a new performance routing engine is essential to facilitate the migration. As part of the Cisco DOCSIS® 3.0 solutions portfolio, the addition of the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 adds exceptional scalability, while significantly reducing the per-channel cost of the cable modem termination system (CMTS). These reductions are promoted by the combination of Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V, Cisco uBR-MC20X20V and Cisco 3 Gbps Wideband Shared Port Adapter (SPA-UBR10-DS-HD). When used with these line cards, the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 would effectively double WAN backhaul capacity available on the Cisco uBR10012 by fully utilizing existing Cisco UBR-MC3GX60V and Cisco10000 Series SPA Interface Processor-600 slot capacity for DOCSIS connectivity. The radio frequency (RF) channels supported on a single Cisco uBR10012 chassis can reach 1152 (Euro-DOCSIS 864) downstream channels and 480 upstream channels. With the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 and various high-density line cards, the Cisco uBR10012 offers an incremental deployment approach and meets most of CCAP objectives today.

Flexibility with Cisco Software Licensing
As the existing Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V and Cisco uBR-MC20X20V, the Cisco uBR100012 PRE5 provides a flexible pay-as-you-grow licensing model. The software licensing capability allows customers to activate the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) ports for backhaul and switching capacity based on their bandwidth requirements.
- Base hardware and one 10 Gigabit Ethernet license constitute the minimum configuration supported.
- Additional optional licenses (with increments of 10 Gigabit Ethernet can be purchased up to the full capacity of 40 Gigabit Ethernet on one Cisco uBR10012 PRE5.
- Cisco Software licensing infrastructure helps simplify licensing.
The ability to purchase and activate capacity as needed through software licensing allows cable operators to closely match their capital expenditures to their bandwidth growth requirements. Cable operators can also reduce their operating expenses by designing their DOCSIS networks to accommodate future growth and then simply installing upgrade licenses to add capacity when needed. This approach avoids complex and costly hardware upgrades.

Enhanced IPTV Video over DOCSIS
The Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 significantly enhances the capabilities of the Cisco uBR10012 for delivering IP video services. To date, most DOCSIS networks have been optimized for delivering “bursty” traffic with low average data rates per user, which is characteristic of applications such as web browsing. For these applications, the WAN backhaul capacity required on the CMTS is much lower than the DOCSIS channel capacity. However, the rapid growth of IP video services, which have sustained traffic and much higher average data rates per user, requires higher WAN backhaul capacity, potentially as high as the DOCSIS channel capacity, to avoid a bottleneck at the CMTS. By increasing the WAN backhaul capacity of the Cisco uBR10012 to 40 Gbps, the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 nearly eliminates oversubscription of the DOCSIS downstream channels, even when fully equipped with eight Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V line cards and eight Cisco 3 Gbps Wideband SPA modules. With the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5, cable operators can fully use the DOCSIS channel capacity of the Cisco uBR10012 to deliver IP video services.

The Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 also improves the scalability and performance of the Cisco uBR10012 for DOCSIS 3.0 IP multicast services, including multicast video. With the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5, cable operators can take full advantage of the efficiency of multicast delivery on their DOCSIS networks to reduce the CMTS capacity and cost, as well as the RF spectrum required to deliver IP video services. The Cisco uBR10012 supports both static and dynamic multicast, allowing operators to deliver both broadcast and switched linear TV services. With the higher performance of the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5, more subscribers can access either type of multicast video service simultaneously.

Features and Benefits
- Provides up to 10 million packets per second (mpps) of processing power for both IPv4 and IPv6 with typical configurations (The IPv6 data plane is redesigned to significantly improve forwarding performance.)
- Supports four 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ backhaul interfaces on the front panel
- Supports either load sharing or backup mode between the WAN backhaul interfaces on active and standby Cisco uBR10012 PRE5s. Any pair of 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces can be configured as backup mode either on the same PRE5 or across PRE5s.
- Significantly improves the video over DOCSIS (VDOC) channel change performance to better support VDOC services.
- Offers flexible software license features to effectively utilize capital
- Delivers enhanced storage options for larger and more complex configurations, including:
- 16 MB nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM)
- 4 GB double data rate type 3 (DDR3) synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM)
- 4 GB internal embedded USB (eUSB) flash memory, used as internal system memory for image saving and log saving
- External USB disk (up to 4 GB), which replaces the compact flash card used on the Cisco PRE4

System Requirements
Hardware Requirements

? New power supplies are required to support Cisco uBR10012 PRE5: Cisco part numbers UBR10-PWR-AC-PLUS and UBR10-PWR-DC-PLUS.
? New fan tray is required: Cisco part number UBR10012-FAN-PLUS=.
? New chassis cover or new fan filter is required: Cisco part number U-CHAS-COVER-EXT or UBR10-FAN-FILT-E. Select either a new chassis cover or new fan filter.
Software Requirements

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(33) SCH2 is the minimum release that supports the Cisco uBR10012 PRE5 on the Cisco uBR10012.