NetOptics RGN-SX-IL4

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Net Optics RGN-SX-IL4 4x1 GigaBit SX Regeneration Tap
RGN-SX-IL4- Regen, 4x1, IL, Fiber, SX 62.5µm, SC, 850nm

Passive, Secure Technology:
Enables real-time, simultaneous monitoring of a single GigaBit link with up to eight monitoring devices
Provides complete full-duplex visibility at 1000 Mbps without data stream interference or introducing a point of failure
Passes all traffic (including errors) from all layers for comprehensive troubleshooting
No IP address is needed for the Tap or monitoring device, enhancing monitoring security
Redundant power ensures monitoring uptime
Fully IEEE 802.3 compliant
Fully RoHS compliant

LED indicators show redundant power, speed, link, and activity status
Front-mounted connectors support easy installation and operation
Connectors are perfectly angled to reduce cable strain
Optional custom monitoring cables support easy full-duplex monitoring by sending each side of the signal to a separate monitoring device NIC
Compatible with all major manufacturers’ monitoring devices, including protocol analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection/prevention systems