Juniper / Finisar XFP-10G-S-C

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Juniper Finisar Networks XFP-10G-S-C 10GBASE-SR 850nm XFPTransceiver Module 740-033777 IPU2AJTRTC FTLX8512D3BCL-J3

Overview & SpecificationsSupported PlatformsSupported Interface Modules
Transceiver TypeXFPConnectorLCMonitoring AvailableYesDigital Optical Monitoring—Standard: 10GBASE-SStandards compliance (Ethernet/OTN Standard, for e.g. 100GBASE-LR4)IEEE 802.3ae—2002Transmitter wavelengths (range)840 through 860 nmTransmitter output power, each lane (minimum)–4.5 dBmTransmitter output power, each lane (maximum)–1.0 dBmReceiver input power, each lane (minimum)–9.9 dBmReceiver input power, each lane (maximum)–1.0 dBmCable typeMultimodeDistance
50/125 MMF cable,2000 MHz-km: 300 m
50/125 MMF cable,500 MHz-km: 82 m
50/125 MMF cable, 400 MHz-km: 66 m
62.5/125 MMF cable, 200 MHz-km: 33 m
62.5/125 MMF cable, 160 MHz-km: 26 m
Operating Temperature (range)–5° C to 70° CStorage temperature–40° C to 85° C