Western Telematic Inc. RMM-288DC

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Western Telematic inc. RMM-288DC -48V DC Rack Mounted Modem
The RMM-288DC is designed for applications that require a single -48 VDC or +24 VDC modem that easily installs in equipment bays. The RMM-288DC requires only one rack space and has its own isolated power supply. The RMM-288DC eliminates the need for equipment trays and power bricks required by "plastic box" modems.
With an internal surge protected power supply, the RMM requires -48 VDC or +24 VDC power, with a convenient terminal-block style DC interface. The heart of the RMM-288DC is the popular and highly reliable US Robotics® Sportster® 33.6 modem card. The power supply is filtered, fused and surge protected for operation in harsh environments. The RMM-288DC has a complete set of LED status indicators for diagnostics and setup as well as a green light indicating power on.