Juniper STRM5000-NEBS-A

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Juniper Networks STRM5000-NEBS-A-BSE STRM 5000 Appliance with NEBS Certification
Juniper Networks STRM500 Security Threat Response Manager combines all the features and functionality in a single, secure hardware offering. With its intuitive Web-based user interface, configuration is so simple that you can get an STRM500 up and monitoring the network in minutes. STRM500 is optimized hardware that does not require expensive external storage, third-party databases or ongoing database administration. STRM500 can also be deployed as dedicated QFlow collectors for collection of network flows to provide Layer 7 analysis.
Juniper Networks STRM Series Security Threat Response Managers combine, analyze and manage an incomparable set of surveillance data—network behavior, security events, vulnerability profiles and threat information—to empower companies to efficiently manage business operations on their networks from a single console. With pre-installed software, a hardened operating system and a Web-based setup, the STRM Series lets you get your network security up and running quickly and easily. The bottom line of the STRM Series is simple deployment, fast implementation and improved security