Cisco WS-P4603-2PSU

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Cisco WS-P4603-2PSU Power Supply Shelf with 2 PSU's Cisco WS-P4603-2PSU

Cisco WS-P4603-2PSU Power over Ethernet Power Shelf for Catalyst 4006 - Used Pull

Used with Cisco Catalyst 4006 Switches with Power over Ethernet In order to provide in-line power using the Catalyst 4006 switch, you must add on several other components. In-line power is only available on the Cisco Catalyst 4006 and not the Cisco Catalyst 4003 because only the Cisco Catalyst 4006 chassis has the ability to accept the Power Entry Module (PEM) and also has traces on the back-plane which allow the DC power to be supplied to inline-power capable line cards. To enable in-line power on the Cisco Catalyst 4006, you must have the Cisco Catalyst 4000 Auxiliary DC Power Shelf and at least two power supplies (WS-P4603-2PSU)