Cisco CSS-SCA-2FE-K9

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CISCO CSS-SCA-2FE-K9 CSS Secure Content Accelerator Type: 1RK01-006, Dual AC PWR CISCO CSS-SCA-2FE-K9

Cisco SCA 11000 Series secure content accelerators are device-based solutions that expand the transaction capacity of any Web site by offloading the processor-intensive tasks related to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) traffic. Moving the SSL security processing from a Web server to the Cisco SCA 11000 Series liberates capacity of the Web servers to focus on processing “Webified” applications and databases much more efficiently, thereby accelerating the entire site.

As more SSL traffic is introduced in the data center, the ability to perform local load balancing across back-end servers is hindered. In addition, intrusion detection systems (IDSs) are blinded and are unaware of the activity occurring between the remote client and the back-end server. These problems occur because the entire Layer 5 information is encrypted. Using Cisco’s SSL products, network administrators and networking engineers can reclaim this control and improve site security by offloading the SSL traffic and de-encrypting it before it gets to the back-end server. The de-encrypted traffic can be switched to an IDS system for monitoring or directly load balanced across several back-end severs.

The Cisco SCA 11000 is a component of Cisco’s family of solutions for SSL acceleration, which also includes integrated SSL processing modules for the Cisco CSS 11500 Content Services Switch and the Cisco 6500 Catalyst® Series switches and Cisco 7600 Internet routers. Cisco’s SSL product offerings provide Web sites of all sizes the performance they require for optimal SSL processing. The comprehensive set of solutions, and seamless integration with Cisco Data Center products, such as server load balancers, put Cisco and the Cisco SCA 11000 Series in the forefront of SSL technology on the market today. The Cisco SCA 11000 Series was designed from the ground up to enhance any public key infrastructure (PKI) you decide to deploy.

Web designers and networking staff can choose between two distinct models of Cisco SCA 11000 Series, both of which provide linear scalability and fault tolerance and both interoperate with all Cisco server-load-balancing (SLB) products: the Cisco CSS 11000 and 11500 series content services switches; the Cisco Content Switching Module (CSM) for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches and Cisco 7600 Internet Router; and the Cisco LocalDirector Series. The combination of SSL offloading and
intelligent load balancing of SSL traffic forms a perfect union, improving both the performance and availability of any Internet or intranet Web site.