Cisco BPX-8600-CH

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8600 BPX8600-CH REFURB 90 day WTY

The BPX switch enclosure is a self-contained chassis which may be rack mounted in any standard 19 inch rack or enclosure with adequate ventilation. It contains a single shelf which provides fifteen slots for vertically mounting the BPX switch cards front and rear.

At the front of the enclosure are 15 slots for mounting the BPX switch front cards. Once inserted, the cards are locked in place by the air intake grille at the bottom of the enclosure. A mechanical latch on the air intake grille must be released by using a screwdriver and the grille must be tilted forward in order to remove or insert cards.

At the rear of the enclosure is another series of card slots for mounting the rear plug-in cards. These are held in place with two thumbscrews, top and bottom. A mid-plane, located between the two sets of plug-in cards, is used for interconnect and is visible only when the cards are removed.