Motorola CPX-2108

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Emerson / Motorola CPX2000 Series CompactPCI System
CPX2000 Series systems consist of the: CPX2108, CPX2208, CPX2208T, CPX2208TDC, CPX2208DC, CPX2408AC, CPX2408DC, CPX2408TAC, and CPX2408TDC. The CPX2108 chassis is 19 inch rack, wall or benchtop mounted. The CPX2208 and CPX2408 chassis are 19 inch or 23 inch rack, wall or benchtop mounted. The 6U backplane has 8 vertical slots which can accommodate a CPU module up to four slots (16HP) wide; and seven I/O slots, (4HP) wide. You can access these eight slots through the front-panel. The CPX2108 chassis does not support IEEE 1101.11 rear transition modules. The CPX2208 and CPX2408 do support rear transition modules. Three peripheral bays (5.25 inch x 1.63 inch) on the CPX2208 give you front access to floppy, CD-ROM and/or hard disk drives. The CPX2408 gives you five peripheral bays with up to three hard disk drives.